Revival Breaking Out In Pakistan

Powerful Meetings in Pakistan!
We held 3 large on-line Crusade meetings in April and May in the nation of Pakistan and the power of God was setting the captives free. Our Revival Now team in Pakistan worked tirelessly by managing the logistics and coordinating with local Pastors in each area. 
God is doing amazing things as we ministered to 6,921 precious people with 6,187 people receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Every person who accepts Jesus completes a decision card with their personal information so that the Pastors in each area can follow up with them and invite them to their Churches to further their spiritual growth.
By the Faith of the people, just as it was for the woman with the issue of blood, many were healed and delivered from sickness and disease. Our Revival Now team in Pakistan confirmed that 901 people received a miraculous touch from God in our 3 Revival meetings. If you are suffering from cancer, diabetes, back pain or organ failure we want to encourage you that God is your healer! Jesus spoke to the ruler of a synagogue, whose daughter had just died. He had been begging Jesus to come to his house and heal her of the sickness that was afflicting her. But before Jesus could go to his home his daughter died. His friends said to him, why trouble Jesus anymore, she is gone. But Jesus heard the words that were spoken and he turned to the man and said, "Do not be afraid; ONLY BELIEVE". God is the miracle worker. He is the one who can make a way, where there seems to be no way. ONLY BELIEVE and receive your healing in Jesus name!
As the sound of the gospel goes out, peoples lives are being transformed and made new. Jesus said he came to make all things new and we are thankful that God has chosen us in these last days to reach 1 Million Souls For Jesus! At the time of publishing this praise report, Revival Now has documented 291,778 decisions for Jesus. God continues to accelerate and multiply our soul winning efforts wherever we go. We thank you for your prayers and support. You may not be able to go with us but you are a part of a ministry populating heaven and pillaging hell. Evangelist Dan and Shannon will be departing for Tanzania, Africa on June 7th for 6 weeks. Upon arrival, they will be ministering at a believers conference for 4 days and then ministering at 3 consecutive 5 day crusades along with equipping pastors & leaders and women in those areas. Our team will also be training up 300 street evangelists in every location who will be going door to door winning souls for the Kingdom and praying for the sick. It will be an amazing and blessed time and we look forward to share with you all that God will do. If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you to partner with our ministry, you can go here to become a monthly partner or make a one time gift to the work God has called us to do. May God bless you richly in Jesus name!
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