Jesus in Schools 

Partnering with schools to reach Africa's most unreached 
We desire to partner with you and schools to advance the gospel among Africans who have the least opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Why It Works

The good news about Jesus impacts their SPIRIT and eternal destiny. Practical biblical teaching affects mental health, their SOUL, when right thinking is applied.  Lastly, we share about law & order of their nation and the consequences of choices made that will affect their BODY.

On the Ground

The Revival Now team travels to Junior and High School age students in East/Central Africa sharing the love of God through worship and the Word of God.  With our dynamic approach, we cast vision for their lives, bring hope for the hurting and powerful insights that help them to live a life of freedom.

Giving brings Joy

Giving brings joy to the one who gives and to the one who receives. The Bible says in Acts 20:35, "it is more blessed to give than to receive." It is amazing how the simple gift of a soccer ball and time conveys the love of Jesus. The impact to the teachers and their students has eternal value.

School Ministry Changes whole communities

One student's life transformed by the Gospel changes a family that leads to impacting the destiny of a community

1. The Child

Every child needs to know they have been redeemed by Jesus and they have a purpose

2. The Family

When the Gospel is shared by a child, the destiny of a family is changed for eternity

3. The Community

Communities receiving the good news about Jesus are made ready to thrive

4. The Kingdom

Future teachers, leaders, businessmen/women are prepared to advance the Kingdom of God

Revival Is the catalyst for Faith

Our team shares in 1 to 2 hours, a message of REVIVAL that is the catalyst for their faith. When students realize that Jesus said YES for them, they are empowered to say YES for their lives and believing for a better future.

How We Bring Revival to Schools

Our team works diligently to share the ministry of Revival Now and schedules multiple 1 day school visits

1. Connect with a School

Our team connects with school chaplains and christian clubs to begin our relationship.

2. Go to the School 

Our African team is provided the needed resources to travel and minister for 1 day.

3. Present Jesus & Soccer Ball

The Gospel is preached and students receive Jesus. Soccer balls bless the students and say thank you for allowing us to come.

4. Building Disciples

The school chaplain and Christian Union coordinator support and disciple the students once our team leaves.

200 Schools a year

In order for us to reach our ministry goals, our team must coordinate ministry events with up to 200 schools per year.

Revisit the School

Our team will not return to a school until 2 years has passed. By doing so, this allows us to be good stewards of the resources given to us.

Partner with Us

We need partners like you to make this happen. Your partnership helps us reach our goal of 60,000 decisions for Jesus per year.

Featured School

Friends Malava Boys High School

Ministry Event Details
  • Event Date: July 20, 2023
  • Location: Malava Town, Kakamega County, Kenya
  • Gospel shared to: 1,409 students 
  • Salvations recorded: 1,388 students