Our Mission

The vision

Our vision is to witness nations radically transformed by the truth of the gospel. We believe that the plans of the enemy will come to nothing, and the Church will experience a new Great Awakening.

With a passion for reaching the lost, we will preach the gospel and see lives touched by the power of God.  We understand that one person cannot save the whole world by themselves, but together we can reap a great harvest!

If you are passionate about seeing lives changed by the gospel, we invite you to join us on our mission to reach one million souls for Jesus Christ.

One Million Souls for Jesus

In 2016, the Lord said, Ask Me for a thousand souls. In 2017, the Lord said, Ask Me for a million souls. In 2018, the burning mandate from the Lord to chase one million souls was growing stronger and heavier, and the Lord brought supernatural confirmation that we are called and equipped to bring one million souls into the Kingdom of God.

In 2019, we picked up the pace. We began training and getting more intentional about winning souls. As a result, we broke our record for the year with souls won for Jesus.

In 2020, the Lord said, Buy a house that will serve as a ministry center. The vision for this ministry center is outside the box of traditional ministry as we know it in America, incorporating house churches just like in the Book of Acts, a fervent evangelistic push including studio and livestream productions to carry the Gospel to people across the globe, and 24/7 prayer and worship—all critical components to ushering in revival and a third Great Spiritual Awakening. We are here for such a time as this, preparing hearts for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Currently, we have won over 490 souls for Jesus through our ministry. With the new vision and direction taking form and expanding, there is an acceleration on this one million soul mandate from the Lord. We are excited to see people of every tribe and tongue coming back to their first love, getting attached to their God-given design and purpose, and getting set ablaze for the glory of God and their heavenly assignment!

Global Evangelism

Our Global Evangelistic efforts will employ several strategies to reach people with the good news about Jesus.

  • Develop ministry partnerships in other areas of the world
  • Live Stream crusades with our global ministry partners
  • In-Person crusades with our global ministry partners

Revival Communities

Revival Communities are where people come together in homes to fan the Flames of Revival in our individual lives within the context of a loving, caring community.  Our Revival Communities are our strategy to extend the Flames of Revival as we raise up revivalists for the great end time harvest.

Where We're Headed

Locally on the ground here in Ohio, we have several components in the works. Our growing number of house churches (Revival Communities) are meeting weekly and reaching out to win souls right there in their neighborhoods and local businesses. We record and post a weekly podcast called Fuel 4 Life here in our local studio, with new episodes available each Tuesday. We have a monthly gathering to bring all of our Revival Communities together. Nights of prayer and worship are the beginnings of what will ultimately be 24/7 prayer and worship. We have already begun to see the Spirit of God showing up and leading in a big way. Our people are stepping out, getting mobilized to win souls, developing in gifts and talents, and taking up the call of God on their lives. This is only the beginning, and the best is yet to come.

Reaching out to the nations, we are broadcasting live from our studio each week, bringing the Good News to set the captives free and empower a new generation to carry revival fire everywhere they go, reaching a realm of influence that God has given them in their local area and through their online connections. The Lord also provided us with a divine connection in Kenya who is opening doors for us to reach thousands and thousands of students. We are gearing up to hold crusades in many different nations through online platforms and programs, inviting any and all to receive Jesus as Lord of their life and Savior of their soul.

We are winning the lost at any cost! We bring light, hope, and life to our communities locally and abroad. God’s Word says that he who waters will himself be refreshed, so we invite you to be a part of everything that’s happening through Revival Now. Be in prayer with us as we chase one million souls. Sow seeds for heavenly fruit and earthly harvest by partnering with us. Stay in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter, connecting with us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribing to the “Revival Now - Dan Steepe” YouTube channel.