Kenya's Schools Are Being Shaken By The Power of God

What An Amazing And Impactful Ministry Trip!
We always have a powerful time of worship with the Kenyan Students. The Joy of the Lord is always present!
The hand of God is upon our School Ministry in Kenya. We exceeded the number of schools we planned to visit and God gave us favor through the education secretaries to schedule more schools together in 1 location to reach more students. It was amazing and we preached the gospel to over 15,000 students, faculty and school administrators. The Power of God swept over these schools and over 14,000 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It was a powerful time and we were so blessed by the response because we had 4 principals and 20 teachers and staff give their lives to Christ as well. Hallelujah!!!
One of the schools we visited was the ACK Koyonzo Special Needs School. This school supports the growth and development of children with blindness, deafness, physical and mental challenges as well as autism. We were blessed by the principal, teachers and staff from this school and their heart for these beautiful children. God moved during our time of worship through their joyous singing and love for God. There was not a dry eye in this space. We had an opportunity to pray for every child, teacher and staff. We confirmed that at least 10 children confirmed their sight improved and teachers healed from pain in their hips, and other parts of their body! God is the great physician and we ministered His healing power to these wonderful students and teachers. We are believing to hear more testimonies from this school of what God is doing in their midst! Praise the Lord!
We believe we are blessed and called to be a blessing. Every school that we minister, we give a soccer ball or 2 to each school depending on their size. We love seeing the joy that comes to the students and the faculty with a simple act of sharing God's love. 
The nation of Kenya will be shaken by this next generation because they have received Jesus in their hearts. They are ready to be a voice for their nation and Kenya will never be the same in Jesus name! God continues to favor our work with divine connections with leaders in the ministry of education in Kenya and doors are being opened by the Power of God. We currently partner with the Friends Church and the Anglican Church of Kenya sponsored schools. And the doors are opening with the schools sponsored by the Catholic Church as well. With this increased demand for our ministry we began developing a second team of ministers to handle the growing need that is coming! Please pray with us that all things needed for this ministry's growth will be supplied. And if you have a heart for the next generation of Kenyans, please consider partnering with Revival Now to reach a group of young people who are hungry for the Word of God. 60% of the Kenyan population is 24 years old and younger so we need to reach this demographic for Jesus to change the eternal destiny of a nation! Go to and follow what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do! NOW more than ever do the young people of Kenya need Jesus because He is their only Hope! Thank you and God Bless You!
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