Jesus in Schools

1st Quarter 2023 Update

Friends and Partners,
We began our "Jesus In Schools" ministry in 2021 and by God's grace, He has multiplied and accelerated the impact this ministry is making in east/central Africa. We are happy to report that our team has visited 90 schools from the beginning of February through mid-April of 2023. The impact our team is making is truly incredible and will give thanks to God for His blessing.

Sidikho High School - 2.14.2023

Ministered to: 1,116 Students
Decisions for Jesus: 1,009 Students and Teachers

Mapela HS 3.8.2023

Ministered to: 664 Students
Decisions for Jesus: 633 Students and Teachers

Bunambo HS 4.12.2023

Ministered to: 347 Students
Decisions for Jesus: 281 Students and Teachers

In Summary

What an amazing start to 2023 with our Jesus in Schools ministry. Our team of dedicated servants are going to one of the most unreached demographic groups in east/central Africa. We believe that all should hear the Good News about Jesus and you are apart of sending our team to these students on a large scale. Here are the numbers representing the impact.
Number of Schools Ministered To: 90
Number of Students Hearing the Gospel Message: 47,791 (Avg School Size is 531)
Number of Students Receiving Salvation: 39,017 (Avg Souls Saved is 433)
Numbers of Students Reporting Healing : 20
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