Arise Kigoma Crusade Testimonies

October 2022

Muslim woman pregnant for 14 months, miraculously gives birth and is saved
1. Aisha Haruna Iddi (a muslim woman) was pregnant for 14 months. When our team of street evangelists went door to door and met her at her home. They shared the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ with her and they prayed for her. That very night she had labor pains, and the following morning was taken to the hospital. Miraculously, she gave birth to her baby boy safely. The community where she lives is still surprised by this event and the power of God. Her husband, a muslim also, refused to allow christians to visit his wife and their baby boy in fear of being influenced to become a Christian. But the women evangelists from our Revival Now team, who prayed for her, continued to follow up. The grace of God is so surfficient, that they were able to lead her to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. They took her to a nearby village (Kazuramimba) in December during a Christmas festival where she was baptized. She is now a Christian, and a member of The Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania and her new name is Marry Haruna Raurent. To God be all the glory!
Woman rescued from fear and demonic oppression
2.  Elizabeth Zebedayo always slept in her sitting room, because she couldn’t sleep in her bedroom for more than 6 years because of fear. Whenever she tried to sleep in her bedroom she was bitten by something invisible. There were other times when she would be walking and would feel like she was being followed by something she couldn’t see. This crusade was God’s time for her deliverance. She heard about the crusade through a local radio station and came. After being prayed for Jesus set her free. She accepted Jesus as her personal savior and all the fear was taken away. That night she went back home, cleaned her bedroom and decided to sleep there. She had a very peaceful and calm sleep that she had never experienced for over 6 years. Elizabeth has now joined the Evangelistic Assemblies of God church for more counseling and teachings. God is so good!
Man restored from a life of crime and drug addiction
3.  Ndila Meshack is a man who lives in Mlole, Kigoma township. He hated his family at home, and left his parents and family to live in the streets for more than 4 years. He joined several gangs in the area and began taking drugs and became very destructive in the community. On the second day of the crusade he and his friends came to the crusade grounds and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That day, he decided to give his life to Jesus. His family could not believe it when they saw him come back home that night and ask for forgiveness. His father did not know if his son would ever get better and said that he had given up on him. In December 2022, Ndila Meshack was baptized by immersion. He is now a member of The Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania- FPCT - Mwanga in Kigoma Town. Praise the Lord!
Woman delivered from witchcraft and miscarriages
4.  Naomi Jeremiah (from Mlole kigoma town) has been married for five years without a child. Whenever she conceived, she would have a miscarriage and it would happen in an inexplicable way. Sometimes, the baby in the womb would die after four or five months of pregnancy. This happened several times over the last five years and the family has been hurt so badly. The emotional pain worsened when her husband’s family blamed her for the lost pregnancies because of her family's association with witchcraft. Her marriage was at the breaking point when she heard about the crusade and decided to attend when she was five months pregnant. She came forward after the altar call, and was prayed for when evangelist Dan Steepe laid hands on her. The Bible says “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. To God be the Glory, in March of 2023 she gave birth to her first baby boy. We give the Lord all the praises! Naomi is currently a member of Tanzania Assemblies of God TAG in Mwanga, Kigoma town.
Power of God crushes the power of darkness that was preventing a woman to marry
5.  Priscar John(she) was single and for the last six years has been proposed to for marriage with seven men, but all of the relationships ended without a wedding. Whenever a man proposed to her, something strange would happen in their relationship and the man would decide to walk away. She attended the ARISE Crusade and received prayer from Evangelist Dan as he laid hands on her. She was taken into a prayer tent, where she was prayed for. At that very moment, a demon manifested demanding that she is its wife and has been married to her for 8 years. The demon spoke and said it had given her a wedding ring in a dream. But by the Power of God she was set free when she gave her life to Jesus that night. In January 2023 she was proposed to by a man from her church and the dowry was paid. She and her husband were recently married on April 15th, 2023. God is so awesome!

These are just a few testimonies among so many I have been able to gather from what the Lord has done during our last crusade October2022 in Kigoma, Tanzania. - Bishop David Nkone - Free Pentecostal Church Tanzania.
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